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About Me

I am currently a PhD student in MMLab@NTU supervised by Prof. Chen Change Loy. I obtained M.S. degree in Artifical Intelligence in Nanyang Technological University, advised by Prof. Chen Change Loy and Prof. Chongyi Li. Before this, I obtained B.S. degree in Intelligence Science and Technology from Peking University in 2020, supervised by Prof. Zhouchen Lin and visited the University of Michigan working with Prof. Qiaozhu Mei and Prof. Ji Zhu. .

I am interested in computational photography and computer graphics. My current work mainly focuses on image restoration and nighttime flare removal.


Visual perception Engineer | Unitree Robotics
Time: Mar 2021 - Aug 2021.

Publications [Google Scholar]

Nighttime Smartphone Reflective Flare Removal Using Optical Center Symmetry Prior
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR 2023  
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Yuekun Dai, Yihang Luo, Shangchen Zhou, Chongyi Li, and Chen Change Loy.
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BeautyREC: Robust, Efficient, and Content-preserving Makeup Transfer
Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshop, CVPRW 2023  
Qixin Yan, Chunle Guo, Jixin Zhao, Yuekun Dai, Chen Change Loy, and Chongyi Li.
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Flare7K: A Phenomenological Nighttime Flare Removal Dataset
Neural Information Processing Systems, NeurIPS 2022  
Yuekun Dai, Chongyi Li, Shangchen Zhou, Ruicheng Feng, and Chen Change Loy.
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Technical Reports

Flare7K++: Mixing Synthetic and Real Datasets for Nighttime Flare Removal and Beyond
arXiv Preprint, 2023
Yuekun Dai, Chongyi Li, Shangchen Zhou, Ruicheng Feng, Yihang Luo, and Chen Change Loy.
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  • Outstanding Reviewer, BMVC. 2022
  • Outstanding Freshman Scholarship of School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science, Peking University, 2016
  • First Prize in the 32nd National level Chinese Physics Olympiad (CPHO) (Rank 16), 2015
  • First Prize in 32nd Chinese Physics Olympiad (CPHO) in Hubei province (Rank 1), 2015
  • First Prize in 31st Chinese Physics Olympiad (CPHO) in Hubei province, 2014


Conference and Workshop Committee Conference Reviewer:
  • AAAI 2022
  • MIPI@ECCV 2022,2023
  • NeurIPS 2022,2023
  • BMVC2022
Journal Reviewer:
  • Signal, Image and Video Processing
  • IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering
  • Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics